Vampire Facelift - Can I Really Get Rid of Wrinkles?
For sure it is getting a lot of buzz, thanks to catchy name and Kim’s recent performance but it is a procedure that
has been known for years. Not in cosmetology but plastic surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology and
dentistry. However,  for the last three or so years, it is also used in aesthetic medicine .

There were studies where authors argued that the performance of various tissues that follows transfusion of "young"
blood, suggest it withdrew some of the effects of cognitive decline associated with aging and increase formation of
new cells. That led to development of treatments, like one mentioned above, that allows strengthening and
stimulation of desired tissue such as skin or hair follicles by injecting some factors derived from blood plasma.
Not exactly how the show may let you believe...

Nevertheless , recently revealed “Secret of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeons” with trademark name “Vampire
Facelift” is actually a non-surgical cosmetic procedure involving reinjection of a gel-like substance(PRP – active
plasma) derived from your own blood. It is offered by many cosmetologist both for healing and prevention .

It is proven fact that PRP injection into the skin, accelerate natural processes of healing and tissue reconstruction.
That can happen because body's reaction to the aging is a series of regenerating actions and certain components
of the blood plasma, such as platelets and leukocytes They play more important role in all stages of regeneration of
tissue, therefore therefore injecting platelet-rich plasma or/and spraying it over as shown on TV presumably works.

What are the main benefits of Regeneris?
• Safety(!) : Autologous nature, hence eliminates allogeneic material (because it is donor derived)
• improves homeostasis and tissue regeneration or/and speed up the process of healing
• Safety(!): does not cause allergies or diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, etc.
• reduction of fibrosis in comparison with the fillers
Kim Kardashian underwent a so-called “Vampire Facelift” on Sunday's episode of her show
What is it? Does it work? Is it safe?